The W was tasty!

Dalvin Cook ran wild against the raiders today for 116 and 1TD as the team finally got back to playing Viking football.

Luckily they were playing the Raiders.

Then again, the Raiders aren't the Dolphins or the Broncos. They're a pretty decent team that could've surprised the Vikings,  so it was good to beat an opponent playing the way the roster was constructed.

Derek Carr couldn't do anything all day and RB Josh Jacobs was stuffed every time he tried to go between the tackles. Their receivers also had a case of the drops.

Kirk Cousins was a workmanlike 15/21 174 with a touchdown and managed the game properly. The story though was how Dalvin Cook looked all day both inside and on the outside.

This game gave them a much needed pick me up as we get to see the Bears next week for a nice inter-division matchup.

Here's what the players had to say:

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