The Minnesota Vikings got healthy this week, thanks to the lowly Giants.

Kirk Cousins had a workmanlike day 22/27 306 and 2 touchdowns and Dalvin Cook ran wild for 132 and a nice 6.2 avg per carry. Hopefully, this win quiets some of the dysfunction we heard in the locker room this week.  The Giants were fiesty and hung in there, but were no match for the superior talent of the Vikings.

Here's a funny note ... after the game, Stephan Diggs said he wanted to be in Minnesota. I love those wins!

Here's CBS Sport's Perspective :

Kirk Cousins was the big reason for the Vikings' success in Week 5 as he was finally able to get into a rhythm in the passing game. Minnesota was smart with their play calling to get him off to a strong start. They utilized play-action passing game early, had Cousins roll out to eliminate half of the field and that helped him to complete 9-for-10 passing in the opening quarter for 119 yards. That gave him the confidence for the rest of the game to take chances deep and displayed his strong connection with Adam Thielen.

Cousins thriving through the air also opened things up even more for Dalvin Cook and the Vikings who were able to dominate time of possession, particularly in the first half. That really didn't give New York much of an opportunity to contend early and put pressure on each of their possessions.

Minnesota's defense also suffocated Daniel Jones throughout the afternoon. Part of that was poor play by New York's offensive line, but it was also a credit to the strong front seven of the Vikings. They took Jones down four times, picked him off once and had eight quarterback hits.


Here's what the Players had to say to Rob Meltzer, our Townsquaremedia sports director:


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