It was a hard-fought NFC North division battle and the home team won. 

The Minnesota Vikings came to Chicago with high hopes, a tough defense and a running game that was about to take off but left with questions on what could've been.

The defense definitely showed up knocking out Mitchel Trubisky in the first quarter, but so did the Bears defense.

Kirk Cousins was sacked 6 times and was largely ineffective after that. I will give him a little pass though, the guy had like 2 seconds to throw.  Dalvin Cook had a pedestrian 35 yards 2.5 per carry and that spelled doom for the Vikings today.

It will be interesting to see where the Vikings go from here and what play-action adjustments they might try to make moving forward. I don't see them seeing a sack happy bunch like they saw today until they visit the Seahawks in December so the season isn't over yet, no matter what the hardcore press says.

Rob Meltzer our Townsquaremedia sports director was at the game and here is what the players said :



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