It's the tale of 2 Cousins, today the bad one showed up. 

When the Vikings went into Arrowhead there had to have been some optimism surrounding the team. They were coming off 4 wins in a row, almost in full control of their division and Kirk Cousins was playing well. Then they ran into Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs pass rush.

Now to be fair, he did go for 19/38 220 and 3 touchdowns. The 50% completion percentage was unacceptable.  He was missing wide open guys left and right.  I though Laquan Treadwell was going to cry after one of them.  When you are playing defense like the Chiefs that can't stop anybody, you need to take advantage.

Stefanski called way too many pass plays in the first half and it was pretty evident it wasn't going to be Cousin's day, Yet they continued to lean on the pass in the losing effort.

This one won't kill them but it definitely hurts.


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