It's that time of year where you either sink or swim. 

The Viking lost a tough one to the Patriots today 24-10 in a game where Kirk Cousins threw 2 picks. He finished the day 32/44 201-1-2. Not the best day for your franchise quarterback. The Patriots did what they normally do, take advantage of the turnovers and turn them into points.

It seemed like they took Adam Thielen out of the game save for the late TD because he only wound up with 28 yards. Stefan Diggs wound up with 49 as the team leader in a game that saw the Pats pass rush get home on Cousins sacking him twice but hurrying him all game long.

The next four games aren't a cakewalk. Seattle in Seattle will be tough, the Lions can be pesky, the Dolphins (who knows what could happen with that team) and of course the season finale at Home against the Bears.

Luckily the Bears are doing their part to make it interesting by losing to doormat teams like the Giants and of course, they have the Ram's coming up this week which doesn't look good.

It's starting to look like the only way they get in the playoffs will be to win the division on the last game of the season.

That would be a pretty awesome game if that happens though. here are the Highlights:



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