GettyImages-Scott olson
GettyImages-Scott olson

One of the very few times I was up before noon on a Sunday, I was greeted with this sobering Bismarck-Mandan fact.

As I approached the Walmart in North Bismarck by my house, I actually thought there was an accident with all the people standing around.

"What’s the story," I asked a guy there, he answered shaking his head, "they don't open until the stroke of noon".  Weird, but something I probably have to get used to.  Imagine you are that big of a factor in the community that you can dictate when everyone gets to start their day in a specific city.

There were probably 100 people waiting there in the heat prior to me getting there. I was just trying to get a cooler for my beer, but there were wives and children looking to shop for the week.

With retail on a country level trending down, it's very interesting that someone like Walmart wouldn't be more accommodating to people that are still into going to the store to shop rather than doing it online.  If the numbers continue I'm sure they will be.

Now, not to sound like a whiney baby, there probably is a legitimate reason they are so strict on their Sunday opening policy, much like Chic fil a is for religious reasons, I'd figured I just make the observation.

I just wanted my cooler man :)


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