2020 is shaping up to be the year of the Metal show! 

These hairbands are kicking off the New Year with a huge show at Four Bears Casino and Lodge. The show happens on Saturday the 11th which is also the same day the NDSU Bison pick up their national title( God Willing).

What a great way to celebrate this victory than loading up the truck and heading north to headbanging heaven.

For Warrant, they are keeping it going with Robert Mason on lead vocals and are now celebrating 30 years as a touring band and still recording new music.

Firehouse is a North Carolina hard rock band that still is very relevant overseas, most notably in Asia. They've sold 7 million albums worldwide and boast songs like "Reach for the sky" and power ballads like "Love for a Lifetime"  and "when I look into your eyes".

So many big shows are coming to town this year, can't wait to start it up with this one!

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