So here we are at the halfway point in the season and here's what this weekend's football games looked like 

As the QB Duel on Sunday night is tied at 17, it made me think of some of the great games that were played this weekend.

  • Did anybody think the Bucs were going to get back in the game against the Panthers? I didn't ... Fitz Magic struck again ... It was too little too late though.
  • Rams get beat on the road by the powerhouse Saints. Fantastic game, looking forward to the rematch in the Championship game.
  • Seahawks almost going to overtime against the Chargers ... Too bad the receiver dropped the ball in the end zone when time expired.
  • Broncos getting conservative at the end of the game and MISSING THE FG.  Vance Joseph is hearing the footsteps loud and clear.
  • I would say Jets /Miami but who cares about those mediocre teams.

There were blowouts to be expected though but definitely a week of really exciting games including the one happening right now.



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