gettyimages-Brett Carlson
gettyimages-Brett Carlson


Mostly ho-hum games but a few surprises. 

This week was pretty ordinary compared to weeks of the past but there were definitely some good games and some surprises.

  • Did I think the soft Cowboys would go into Philly and beat out Carson and the Eagles? Nope. I guess that Superbowl hangover is real.
  • Buffalo with Matt Barkley at QB shutting down the Jets in NY?  41-10? Yeah, never saw that coming.
  • I understand former coaches of a team usually have success against that team. That being said did I think the Titans would blow out New England  34-10? Nope, not at all.
  • Saints dominating over the Bengals shows that right now they're the class of the league. Now let's see what they look like in a month.
  • The week of Football started out of course with the Steelers putting a smackdown on the Panthers in a display of offense and defense never done recently to that team. I wonder if it's an aberration or the Panthers really aren't that good.
  • Browns shocking the world against the Falcons.  Maybe Hugh Jackman really was terrible.

The Seahawk /Rams game was a nice one as well as the Cowboys-Eagles game but overall a pretty bland week of football.

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