Here's a recap of the football action on Sunday.

As the Dallas Cowboys lay down again in a semi-big game against the Texans, here are some of the observations of the weekend.

  • Jacksonville can't shut down the Chiefs.  Are they still calling them the best Defense in the NFL? I think not.
  • Vikings get revenge for last year’s championship game, ON THE ROAD, AGAINST A HEALTHY EAGLES TEAM.
  • The Lowly Jets run the Broncos out of the building. I guess that Bronco defense and running game isn't portable
  • Steelers bounce back versus the Falcons. Is this a case of the Steelers turning it around or the Falcons defense disappearing before our eyes?
  • The Lions Shocking the Packers in a game where Packers K Mason Crosby leaves 13 points on the field. Great win but can someone just put a nice hit on Aaron Rodgers and put him out of his misery? The guy hobbles every week. Is he hurt or not coach?
  • Finally the best team in the NFL getting out of Seattle with their lives. Great road win for the Rams. We'll see what happens when the Seahawks come to LA later in the season.

Great day of games and Monday night should be a nice track meet with the two ageless wonder QB's duking it out on MNF

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