This weekend of Football was ...dare I say, entertaining? Ok yeah, I'll say it.  As the Steelers went offsides for the 5th time( exaggeration), and the Chargers finally hit the winning FG, it capped a weird but entertaining week of games. here are some of the highlights :

  • Bears showed how up and down they are and Saquon Barkley showed why he is an absolute stud. Hopefully, Trubitsky can be ready for the Rams next week.
  • Both Vikings and Carolina are slipping out of the playoff race. For the Vikings, maybe next week's game in Seattle is the nail in the coffin.
  • Raiders making it interesting against the Chiefs. Then again the coaches knew each other so well.
  • The Packers lay down against the Cardinals then the Coach is fired. I hate to say I saw it coming but ... I think we all saw that coming.

Also, don't look now but the Broncos and Ravens are coming.

Plus with all the miscues the Steelers are using to lose games, they better get it together before they lose the division.  

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