As the Rams are currently getting run out of their own building in the 3rd quarter, here are the musings on what happened this week in football.

It was the week of the letdown. This time of year, teams in the playoff hunt are just trying to wrap up their seeds and the ones that aren't are trying to become spoilers.  There were some spoilers this week.

  • Seahawks lose in overtime to the 3 win 49ers. Yes, they have a history and yes they played 2 weeks ago... Still no excuse.
  • Dallas gets shut-out against the Colts. The Colts are still alive in the hunt but Dallas missed a perfect chance to wrap up the division.
  • Steelers keep their season alive by beating the Patriots.
  • Chargers kept pace with the Chiefs by beating them on Thursday night.
  • If this score holds up, the Nick Foles led Eagles would've went into LA and smoked the Rams ...WOW. Of course just as I said that Aquib Talib just picked off a NickFoles pass in the red zone so we will see. 

This season is primed for a photo finish!

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