This football weekend had its “oh wow” moments and it looks like the stretch run is set. 

As Kirk Cousins throws another pick-six to the Bears, here are some thoughts on a pretty entertaining week of football.

  • The Skins are done. It was in poor taste that the network showed Joe Theismann in the press box moments after Alex Smith had a horrific broken leg injury.  I think they're done but their division is so bad anything can happen.
  • The Cowboys are alive? The Falcons really surprised me with this letdown. The Jerry Jones box erupted like he won the Super Bowl. Hmmm, can you say Jason Garret10-year contract?
  • The Eagles are going to have to fight now to stay in this. We will now see what Doug Peterson is made of. That was a terrible loss to the Saints.
  • Raiders won a game! So glad my Seahawks see the Cardinals later this year.
  • Vikings, bad loss but it looks like this division might come down to that Dec 30 game in Minneapolis

Overall, it looks like the playoff scenarios are starting to form as we come to Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see what happens!

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