Sometimes when you come home you can get a surprise. 

Apparently, this Bismarck woman came home only to find a strange 39-year-old man hanging out on her couch eating a sandwich.

After freaking out and asking who he was, the man left and police picked him up at a grocery store nearby.

His response was that he thought he was at his sister's house and was just waiting for her to come home. It is kind of an odd story. Here's a question, how did he get in? Or does his sister live in a similar looking house?

The report doesn't say if he was intoxicated, he probably wasn't because that would be the first thing the cops would do (give him a breathalyzer).

Obviously, it is speculation that he was on something or that maybe he forgot to take his pills but that would only make this situation understandable.

Because who does that?


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