Strange things wash up on the beach all the time. Maybe its a message in a bottle, maybe its a paddle that somehow got away from a boat...The beach usually offers a treasure-trove of goods. The next time you're on the beach keep your eyes peeled for a big ol' chunk of what you see in the above photo...Because it may be worth over $100,000!

A dog in Great Britain lead her owner to a large chunk of sperm whale vomit that has been valued at close to $180,000. It's called ambergris and it's actually used to carry the scent in perfume. Obviously, it's called "floating gold" for a reason as a large chunk, like the one found in Great Britain, could be worth a pretty penny.

I'm lucky to come across a couple of wayward coins when I'm on the beach. I'd love to find something like this! What's the strangest thing you've ever come across on the beach?

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