A recent report, compiled by Fixr.com, placed residents of North Dakota, specifically Bismarck, in a very negative light.

The report is entitled 'What Cost is each State Obsessed With?' and it shows the first autocomplete prediction from Google when you search the following statement: 'How much does a * cost in ___________.'

When this report came out, a lot of attention was given to some of the autocomplete predictions. For example, Fixr.com found that more than one state is obsessed with the cost of breast augmentation and DNA tests, while residents of Vermont are most concerned with the cost of a cord of wood. How very Vermont of them.

It was North Dakota, however, that had the strangest autocomplete prediction. What the folks at Fixr.com searched for was, 'How much does a * cost in Bismarck, ND?' Google's autocomplete prediction came back with 'a minor.'

Now, for those that aren't residents of North Dakota or neighboring states, I completely understand why you'd think it's pretty awful that we're searching for the cost of 'a minor.' Fortunately, though, in this case, 'a minor' doesn't mean a young person. 'A minor' actually means a minor in possession of alcohol, as in, 'How much is getting a minor in possession going to cost me?'

So, no, faithful internet viewers, we here in North Dakota are not constantly on the hunt for young children, but, thank you for assuming that. It really makes a state feel awesome.

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