I love driving around Mandan, it's an awesome community, and it's growing all the time.

We just saw a bank open up right as you get onto Memorial Highway, seems to me that took well over a year to get that completed. Time goes by quickly, and we all get into ruts where we drive here and there almost every day without really thinking about a sign that's on the side of the street or maybe a place that used to have a business open to the public, and now the building is just sitting there. Here is the place I was referring to:


This once was the Speedway restaurant years ago until 2007, then a couple of different steakhouses tried their hand at it  - the address -2815 Memorial Highway - now the building, for the most part, has been vacant, except for some drivers and CDL classes held there.

I am well aware this question has been asked before, but I'm bringing it back

"What does Mandan need the most?" It's obviously all a matter of opinion, but several Mandan residents are looking for something refreshing, and a place the whole family can enjoy. How about a Dave & Busters in that location? All you need in one large building, you'll have food, a bar, and a safe place for kids to play games to their and the adult's hearts' content. Whatever or whenever the new business decides to open, I hope they aim to focus on providing a place for all ages to enjoy.

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