What an amazing story of perseverance!

wheeler twitter screenshot rYDbmy35

Apparently, This dog from Carrington lost his front legs in a farming accident but it hasn't slowed him down.  I saw this story on West Dakota news at nine last night and was blown away by the way this dog goes about its business.

I understand it's a Dog and it probably doesn't think twice about functioning without its two front legs because it has wheels, but just seeing the way it still keeps the herd in check wheels and all is an example of the perseverance of the people in this state.

That dog is one helluva working class dog man!  and the story really inspired me.

Now all I need to do is take a trip up to Carrington to see the pup for myself... Of course, once I figure out how far it from here.

The Wheeler Heeler Patton Rocks man!


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