The biggest obstacle we are facing right now, the coronavirus, has taken our economy by it's feet, and is dangling it over a huge endless drop.The surge of unemployment, unanswered questions of how long we will be bombarded with this virus, no one seems to be able to lift our spirits up. The government has agreed upon sending out "life preservers" to all of us, financial aid if you will, to somehow keep the whole nation "afloat". The thought of staying at home, self isolation, try and stay calm, please work if you can, but AT HOME. is now starting to sink in.

Your place of business closed their doors, and suddenly you are laid off. The thought of bills piling up, getting behind in rent, is now a common thread.       Americans are playing the patience game, desperately awaiting their coronavirus $1,200 emergency checks. We have all heard the mandatory stay-at-home orders, throughout our country, in a effort to try and slow down this deadly disease. The problem is, that there are several states that have not adopted the orders. Several prominent people are muttering the same thing, "Why aren't we ALL following the self isolation procedures? Why?". One of the comments I heard about the coronavirus, that sounds deadly to me is this one, from Governor Andrew Cuomo - "It's like watching a slow-moving hurricane across the country, where you know the path that it's taking,".

The time to be smart,  to gather ourselves, and do the right thing, self quarantine, self awareness, SELF STAY PUT AT HOME, is now.

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