When Is A Win A Loss?  I've read a lot of crazy stories concerning Covid 19, but this one kind of makes me mad and sums up the whole pandemic.  I'll vent after you check out today's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Man Beats Coronavirus; Then Gets $1 MIllion Hospital Bill: The Seattle Times says 70 year-old Michael Flor beat the coronavirus and then was handed a $1.1 million hospital bill. He stayed in the hospital for 60 days. Michael's itemized bill contained 181 pages. Michael will not have to pay the majority of his bill because he has Medicare. His room alone cost $9,736 per day while his ventilator cost $2,835 per day. Insurance companies say treatment costs for covid-19 could top $ 500 billion.

So what have we learned?  Healthcare costs are crazy expensive and insurance companies have a pretty good racket going.  Whether it's the insurance company, hospital or the government...we are the ones (taxpayers) who will ultimately pay the price, in increased premiums or taxes or both.

Yes, we have arguably the best healthcare system in the world and my many doctor, nurse and healthcare professional friends are dedicated and hardworking, passionate people, but do you ever think that the system is a little bit broken?  I say yes, but it goes much deeper than the healthcare system.

Think of this, what's the cost of an education in the medical fields?  Answer:  far exceeding the ability of most kids to pay for that education, without being saddled with nearly insurmountable debt.  It tends to be a vicious cycle and we the consumers are left over paying for the best dysfunctional healthcare system in the world...SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!


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