So KXNET just did a great story about the rise of feral pig numbers in North Dakota.  These aren't your Wilbur from Charolette's Web kinda pigs. These are destructive and dangerous beasts that are straight up taking over portions of Texas, Oklahoma, and vast regions of the Southwest.  I'm talking millions of wild boars that can grow in excess of 300 pounds with big tusks and few natural enemies.  It's a plague and you can pretty much shoot as many as ya like.

North Dakota, we're not anywhere close to that, but the wild pigs are populating, and authorities do not want you to shoot them.  In a strange twist of logic, Jeb Williams from North Dakota Game and Fish adds this...

Williams says every wild hog is an escaped farm pig — and no longer resemble your typical pink critter. They change to survive in the wild.

“They adapt very quickly to that environment, biologically, physically and then their behaviors as well, which makes them a pretty tough opponent,” Williams noted.

They become almost impossible for the average person to hunt — they’re smart and extremely tough. When they escape or survive shooting attempts, they run, go nocturnal, adapt to avoid hunters and “tell” other ferals to watch out.

I guess pigs are as clever as some folks have said.  I remembered a story from North Dakota's past of a dangerous encounter with a wild boar.  Then I got thinking...what else is dangerously prowling the prairies of The Peace Garden State?

So, let's take a look at some pictures and right below there you'll find a group of story links that dive deeper into the animal encounters.


Click on the links to read stories about some irritable North Dakota animals!

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2019 Game Warden attacked by moose near Willow City

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2016 Rare wolverine sighting leads to rare wolverine shooting. 

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You don't have to call law enforcement when you hit a deer.

You best call law enforcement if you hit a eagle.

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