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getty images -jiji press


A scary situation happened yesterday at Puklich Chevrolet, and luckily no one was killed. The cars, on the other hand, weren't as lucky. 

5 cars were totaled as a result of a minivan going airborne and landing on them yesterday. The driver was going west on Calgary in North Bismarck when witnesses saw him speed up, hit a ditch and go airborne. The Minivan landed on 6 parked cars in the Pucklich Chevrolet parking lot.

Here's the reaction from 

Terry Schutt: "I run over, I couldn't get any of the doors open, so I climb in the back window. I seen the guy laying there. I tried to talk to him and he wasn't responding at all. Just kind of nodding at me with his eyes open. So I tapped him on the hand and he kind of nodded again at me. I tried to get the van to shut off because it was still running. I finally got it shut off, then the guy asked me, 'what happened?' So I was like, 'you jumped your car dude. You're laying on top a bunch of vehicles.' He was like, 'no way!' I was like, 'yeah, look out your window, that's a car right there.' He just couldn't believe he did that. He said he was sleeping."


The driver was transported to a local hospital, and the case is now an open investigation. 












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