The beautiful thing about our country, is freedom of speech. Our right to express   OUR opinions. One of the tools, to help get something achieved, is a good old  fashioned petition. You don't like what's happening, get a slew of people to sign your demands, the list of friendly (or NOT) suggestions, and sit back and see how it develops.

Their is a new "Petition" sheriff in town, his name is Dee Snyder.I am talking about the same Dee Snyder that we all know from Twisted Sister. Mr. Snyder LOVES his rock and roll, and like most of us, also enjoys the whole pageantry of the Super Bowl.

The great tradition, when the whole world is watching, watching the halftime show. The spiral in the air, the much awaited commercials, takes a backseat to the good old entertainment that is on center stage, when the players are taking a breather in the locker rooms.

Dee wants the whole world to ROCK, compliments of AC/DC, so to be sure that happens, he has added his name to a petition. Check it out here.




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