Beef jerky is that tasty snack that is great for just about any type of day (yep there's breakfast jerky). So what makes good jerky, and how do we find it in Bismarck-Mandan?

According to The Organic Jerky Website Weed'em and Weep it's the tenderness of the jerky that holds all of the flavor and makes it's enjoyable. Then it's the type of rub or seasoning used that sets the meat apart from the rest. If you're looking for some homemade recipes they got some good ones on Weed'em and Weep

From my conversations around town, I've been told certain butchers have the best jerky, but everyone I've spoke to was pretty loyal to a specific one so It's hard to tell which one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I heard Butcher Block in Mandan has some pretty tasty Jerky, then I was told 3 BE Meats in Bismarck was better. Schweitzer's meats came up in the conversation on how the way they smoke their meat, but I'm curious who has the best . Here's a poll that could probably shed some light on the subject.

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