If you grew up in the 90's in North Dakota, you got to do something that no school kid in any other state got to do: play your own state specific version of 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?'

YouTuber TanRu Nomad decided 2015 was the perfect year to attempt to revive 'Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?' so he created the game review you see above.

20 different states were given the opportunity to create their own version of 'Carmen Sandiego,' according to Huffington Post, but only North Dakota completed it.

5,000 copies of 'Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?' were sold, mostly to North Dakota schools, according to MobyGames.com. So, the only real opportunity you would have had to play the game was by being a student in North Dakota.

The premise of the game was quite simple, so says MobyGames.com:

That wiley super-criminal is at it again! The insidious Carmen Sandiego, scourge of law enforcement agencies around the world and throughout history, has decided to lie low and lower her bar a little bit in this rare and unusual installment of her educational game series, organizing her nasty gang of brutes and burglars to commit vile crime throughout the frontier state of North Dakota from Bismarck to Fargo!

The player's understanding of this very specific slice of the American Midwest is necessary for them to successfully play the role of an agent sent to apprehend Carmen and her gang by gathering clues and staying hot on the suspect's trail, steps needed (as in all classic Carmen Sandiego games) to obtain the information needed to issue an arrest warrant and close the case on one crook after another. So close your Louis L'Amour paperback, finish your bowl of Knoephla soup, and get to it!

Unfortunately, 'Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?' hasn't quite made it to the Internet Archive's Internet Arcade yet, so you may never again have the chance to relive your 90's dreams of catching the culprit.