Don't understand the perspective of having to put dresses and shirts on Dogs or other Animals. 

The other day I was coming home only to see a woman walking her Chihuahua and the poor dog literally had a pink dress on.  The poor animal looked at me like "See what these people do to me" ? I could totally read her eyes and it was then I decided to ask the question why dress animals up ? Is it for their benefit or is it for your's.

Dogs and cats have hair that keep them warm , they also know where to find warmth when it is cold because they are animals, they've been in the food chain and when push comes to shove they will make sure they survive in any type of weather.

Then there's the domestic argument, they have been house broken and they're accustomed to living indoors and have become domesticated and thereby have changed. Sorry, I don't buy it.

Even though their situation is way better now than it was when they were living in a shelter or outdoors, I truly believe the animal's nature will never change, and it's kinda weird when you put coats, shirts and dresses on them.  Think about the animal's perspective and how embarrassed he/she feels when other animals look at them and laugh.

The poor beasts get neutered anyway ... please give them a break !

Here's a good article of the psychology of dressing pets up from the BBC


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