They are scary, they are carnivores, and for what reason do we like to watch shows on them?

It's very interesting shark week is, for the fact that sharks are the scariest thing to watch especially when you are in the ocean semi helpless.

I love watching shark week though. For reason's, I can't comprehend. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush of a car crash that you see coming, or it's the mystery of some of nature's fiercest mammals in action. It could also be that the shows they show on shark week are pretty compelling pieces that allow you to be glued to the set.  Or it can be possibly the stupidity of some of these oceanographers that continue to maintain that sharks are not a danger to humans, as if I'm going to believe that.

Thinking about it... It might be all of those reasons.  It is fun to watch scary things especially when you are sitting on the couch and not in the water 20 feet from a fin. I also think there is a coolness for being associated with such a dangerous animal then again maybe I'm thinking too much.

More Importantly, Shark week begins tonight on the Discovery Channel. 

That Shaq Shark show looks interesting.


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