dachsund dash facebook
dachsund dash facebook

With everything going on this weekend, the 6th annual Dachshund Dash happened in Bismarck.

What a fun race to watch!  According to the Bismarck Tribune:

The sixth annual Dachshund Dash were held on Saturday, 9-29-2018 in Bismarck. A crowd of more than 100 people attended the event to cheering on 31 wiener dogs as they raced across a short grass track with an owner usually holding a squeaky toy or a snack at the finish line. Megan Richter and her dog, Rufio took the first place honors. The race was organized by the Bismarck Animal Clinic and Hospital as a free-will fundraiser for the Central Dakota Humane Society.

As a former Dachshund owner, those dogs are very energetic and it was great to see their little legs get stretched out as they raced toward the finish line.

I'm curious about how the winner was trained for this race because it was a pretty easy victory for my vantage point.

Dachshunds are cool!

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