Wild Turkey season starts tomorrow but there is still a chance you can get a license for the season.

If you're a wild turkey hunter that hasn't got his license yet, don't worry, some are still available.

Starting a couple of weeks ago ( September 26th ), licenses were issued on a first come first serve basis.

According to the Bismarck Tribune :

Licenses remain for the following units: Unit 13, Dunn County, 292 licenses; Unit 19, Grant County, Sioux County and portions of Morton County, 62; Unit 25, McHenry County and portions of Pierce and Ward counties, 277; Unit 30, a portion of Morton County, 133; Unit 31, Mountrail County, 40; Unit 45, Stark County, 69; and Unit 51, Burke County and portions of Renville, Bottineau and Ward counties, 101.

-- North Dakota Game and Fish Department

The updated total licenses as of today are 21 for Unit 21 and they're going fast. 

Don't let those turkeys win, pick up your license as soon as you can so you'd be the one talking turkey ( I just wanted to say that ). 

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