There is no doubt whatsoever that last year WAS a trying year - to say the least. COVID-19 hit hard, was, and still is deadly - sucking the life out of most of us - shutting down businesses (some permanently) and completely halting every conceivable way of entertainment. Huge sporting events were canceled, movie theatres stopped their projectors, I haven't even begun to mention that concerts were eliminated.

There was some thought that our way of life would never be the same again. One of the traditions that ended was State Fairs - In Minot, the North Dakota State Fair gave their notice that they would be unable to hold theirs - The Minnesota State Fairgrounds was a ghost town as well - the financial loss for them wasn't pretty. According to Kare11 the cancellation of their 2020 state fair cost them millions of dollars lost. Minnesota State Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer said back in January that the cancellation of the fair due to COVID-19 resulted in an operating loss of $16.2 million dollars - that's staggering.

This year of 2021 is full of "reasons for optimism". In a recent press release Gov. Tim Walz said that he thinks Minnesota has been "out-pacing" President Biden's expectation for a return to normal by July 4 - and that could mean good things for the Minnesota State Fair. 

If you are just as curious as most of us, WILL there really be "Twelve Days Of Fun" kicking off in late August for the 2021 Minnesota State Fair? - Check out this video for yourself - soon you may be munching on a traditional "Whatever" On-A-Stick and basking in the afternoon sun once again!


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