Taxi Service Giant Uber has been rolling out their newest invention, self driving cars in Pittsburgh and Arizona , when is Bismarck /Mandan going to be next? 

Yes you heard right , Uber has been test marketing self driving cars in Pittsburgh and Arizona since last year and are getting ready to expand barring any major catastrophe.  These cars as explained in this AZ central article  currently have two people up front. One in the drivers seat for extra caution and one in the passenger seat helping program the car. The passengers in back can see via tablet what the car sees , and the car is controlled by Ai technology with sensors up front to detect traffic and pedestrians .... Crazy man !

Will these cars ever get to Bismarck ? Possibly, the one issue that hasn't fully been addressed yet though is the weather issue and it's effect on the roads which is something Arizona doesn't have to worry about.  But stay tuned ....

Something else that would possibly be discussed moving forward is if you get pulled over in a self driving car and you're drunk in the passenger seat is that a DWI?      (Sorry , Imagination got away from me )

Can't wait for these things to get here !

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