If you like road trips, you'll like this one. 

It's an opportunity to go with a buddy on a road trip to an NFL game in any NFL town during Week 9 all-expenses paid.

Let's see some of the matchups you could be checking out live in the stadium.

Steelers / Ravens: Nice Division grudge match. Something good always happens when these two teams come together.

Packers/ Patriots; Hopefully Rodgers isn't hurt by then. Great matchup in Foxboro

Jets/ Dolphins: Always a great rivalry and it’s in South beach to boot.

Texans/ Broncos: Deshaun Watson vs Von Miller, that's a nice matchup and you can probably ski before the game.

Or you can swing over to the Twin Cities to watch the Vikings Smoke the Detroit Lions if you're a hardcore Vikings fan.

A pretty cool deal for just registering to win. The hardest part of it would be staying out of trouble 

If you want to register, just click here 


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