A train carrying crude oil from ND's oil patch derailed Monday near the small town of Casselton, ND, and a witness was nearby to catch the fiery explosion on camera. Cass County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tara Morris estimates about 10 cars from a mile-long train caught fire and will have to burn out before authorities can even get close to the scene. There have been no reported injuries.

BNSF Railway spokeswoman Amy McBeth said a train carrying grain was first to derail, and it knocked several cars of the mile-long oil train off adjoining tracks. She said several explosions were also reported.

Cass County Sheriff’s Capt. Mitch Burris also told The Associated Press that it appeared as if the the derailment was a result of the crude oil train striking a grain car. He also noted that authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the accident.

About 300 residents were evacuated after the accident as a precaution. Sgt. Morris said there was no immediate danger, just a precaution in the event of shifting winds.

A 13-year-old Casselton girl was wrapping presents when the accident happened.

I looked out the window and all of a sudden the train car tipped over and the whole thing was engulfed in flames and it just exploded. The oil car tipped over onto the grain car.

Other residents noted the shaking of buildings and the huge fireball immediately following the accident. One witness filmed the fiery scene in the video below.

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Part of North Dakota Town Evacuated After Train Derailment

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