In what might be the strangest potato-related story ever, a woman used a potato as a contraceptive, with terrifying results.

According to Times Live, a 22-year old Colombian woman recently had a potato removed from her vagina, after her mother suggested she use it as a contraceptive.

While, technically, the potato did do what the woman intended it to, she neglected to remove it once her sexual escapades were over. So, for two weeks, the potato sat incubating in her lady oven.

Now, I don't know how much you know about potatoes, but you're supposed to store them in a cool, well-ventilated area. You know what female body part isn't cool or well-ventilated? The vagina.

So, with that little nugget of information, you can guess what happened next: The potato began to sprout roots.

That's right. This woman, who left a potato in her vagina for TWO WEEKS, had visible roots sprouting from her lady business.

She went to the local hospital, where doctors removed the potato non-surgically. Her name has been withheld to prevent further embarrassment.

So, ladies, no matter what you may have heard, there is truly only one way to guarantee you won't get pregnant and, no, potatoes are not the answer.

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