Here's something that you can use for Thanksgiving. 

We're trying to figure out something cool to give you as we begin the holiday season, so we got with Cashwise Liquor and Darell's Brew N' Que and came up with this.

It's a Turkey that rocks!  A Smoked Turkey with a pint of whiskey shoved in its butt. 

Here's how you can win... 

  • Listen to Frank Gallo each day this week.
  • When you hear "The Turkey that rocks", call us at 663-9600.
  • If you get through, you win ... It's as simple as that. 

It's a great thing to think about, waking up on Thanksgiving morning and knowing the only thing you have to do is pick up beer and make sure the TV is set to the right game.

Your wife would be happy because of the fact that all she has to do is make a couple of sides and maybe a dessert.

If you win, your family is going to have sooo much time on their hands! Hopefully, that's a good thing. 

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