Hero - a person who is admired or idolized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Yesterday at the Wachter Middle School track meet 10 heroes were born. What is the goal to compete in a race? To run as fast as you can, and to WIN. That's a no-brainer. What happened out there cannot be taught. Sure you have a coach, and he prepares you for a meet, you put in your training miles, BUT courage is what is inside you. You come in first, you receive all the praise handed to you, and a medal or a trophy. In the boy's 100-meter race, something so real and unscripted played out and those who witnessed it were blessed with sheer emotions.

His name is Grady Christensen - his first-ever race resulted in a last-place finish. Did he quit after that? NO. Did his performance cause him to get down on himself? NO. A true champion never gives up. With grit and determination, he toed the line to attempt his third track meet - 10 runners in all, the start was fast and furious and a runner from a different school held the lead. Then the magic began, According to KXNEWS, the unidentified leader slowed way down. During the short race, he turned his head and noticed that Grady's buddies had slowed their stride, and ran a step or two behind Christensen. With his legs churning at full speed, Grady took the lead and WON! This was not a display of "Wow we feel sorry for the guy" - this was a golden moment full of compassion and textbook sportsmanship.

Grady Christensen has down syndrome. The glow of his victory will last forever for those that were there, and the smile may never leave his face. Trophies, ribbons, plaques come and go, but the value of making someone so comfortable with their actions is something the young men should be proud of.

Now watch this video and have a handkerchief ready.


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