I am from San Diego, California, and about twice a year I try and get back out there. I dread the trip, however. I don't like to fly at all - especially now with having to wear a mask the split second you set foot in an airport, all the way until you land at your final destination. Takes all day too, usually, you fly from Bismarck to Minneapolis, and then take that LONG walk from terminal A to like C - board another flight, and it's another 3 plus hours to San Diego. Exhausting.

                 I am well aware that air travel is the quickest way to get where you are going

Yes, I am grateful for that, I mean, after all, I COULD just get on a bicycle and start pedaling. That's exactly what Brian Gonsalves set out to accomplish. According to KXNEWShe rode his bike from San Diego (where he is from) to North Dakota (International Peace Garden) to celebrate his mother-in-law’s 90th birthday. 

That's a grand total of 2,143 miles (I need a nap)

                No stranger to that kind of cross-country trip

This guy did basically the same kind of thing in 2008, he rode to Georgia of all places - 2,709 miles. Now on both trips, there was no stewardess available, just his wife Dorreen Drader-Gonsalves. She tagged along in comfort riding along in their mobile support vehicle.

                    Curious how long his last adventure took?

23 days - amazing. That averages out to just under 100 miles a day - under all kinds of weather conditions, a flat tire here and there, and the danger of being out there literally ON THE ROAD. The best part of this story is this, Brian did all this to raise money for Scripps trauma services. The mind and body is an amazing thing, you can be dog tired, but when you are inspired by a great cause you can do anything you set your sights on.



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