We are so excited about April 24th - that's the day our 17th Annual bar Golf Tour & Pig Out is held. Last year was my first one, and NOW I know why there have been 16 of these in the years past - because it's so much fun! This is a safe event, with friends getting together, designated drivers all lined up - and taking a tour of 10 bars around Bismarck and Mandan. Each place has its own style and a challenging hole for your team to putt on. Check this out, you don't have to know the difference between a par or a birdie - In fact, the entertainment comes with good-spirited competition and being able to laugh at yourself when you make a terrible shot (and there will be a ton of them).

At the end of the day, guess what? You are going to experience the best food in town - Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que!  Don't miss out on this - there is still room for you to get your team together and sign up - for free - on our cool 965thefox app

96-5's 17th Annual Golf Tour & Pig Out

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