When I was asked to appear three years ago, I had no clue how amazing this tradition truly is...

...the 14th Annual Rods N Rock Car Show is this Saturday in Carson, North Dakota - and I can't wait. Dan Stewart is the proud papa of this glorious day, we are talking about beautiful cars, pickups, antique tractors, big rigs, AND a ton of people walking around feeling comfortable and happy. There is a certain magic to this car show - a heart-warming hometown feel that really appeals to me, and so many others.

Free to attend, AND whatever you do, don't miss the "Burnout Contest"

Here are some wonderful things you will find at this show:

Saturday, August 19, 9 am-3 pm ( Mountain Coast Time )
Free for Spectators!
Vehicle Registration Entry Fee: $10 (9-11 am MT)
Burnout Contest: 12pm (MT)
Awards Presentation: 2 pm (MT)
5 categories: Car, Pickup, Motorcycle, Antique Tractor, Big Rig
Each category has 1st-3rd place with cash prizes and trophies plus the People’s Choice Award and Best of Era awards

There will be music, food, vendors and beer

Now let me ask you this - when was the last time you had a chance to show off your car and GOLF skills? 

*We also have a Burnout Contest for those who would like to participate and a Hole-in-One Contest for a chance to win $25,000!"

Proceeds Donated to the local school, Roosevelt Public School in Carson, ND.

For more info, head to their website - rodsnrockcarshow

My favorite part is the drive out there, only takes about 50 minutes from Mandan - a relaxing scenic drive

When you get there, take a couple of seconds to breathe in the fresh air - take a look around and you can't miss a HUGE friendly smile from Dan and his family - watching families walking towards the car show is such a comforting feeling  - The Grant County Fair is happening as well - it's a perfect place to be, I promise you.

Rods N Rock Facebook
Rods N Rock Facebook


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