When the whole stimulus notion was being kicked around, I heard all the nay-sayers around me saying "I'll believe it when I GET it". That is now happening. Some started receiving their checks just last week. A nice friendly $1,200 deposit from the even friendlier IRS. I have to admit when the first talk of aid to ALL Americans came into play, I was blown away. Then it became a reality, and after hearing just how many people have been devastated by the economy collapse-thanks to the coronavirus, I thought to myself that more action by our government will be necessary soon.

In order to somehow restore lives, and be the life preserver so many sinking folks are grasping for, this new proposal could happen. The logic points out that something has to be done. The skeptics who scoffed before the stimulus kicked in, are now climbing back on their podium and spewing out negativity once again. Those same critics will be the FIRST to EXPECT their money if and when the new plan happens. For more on the breakdown, check this out.

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