Sadly, this story is not new - we all read about the horrible fire that struck the Sunset Bluffs apartment complex back in August of last year here in Mandan. We saw the devastating pictures of the flames that forced 36 families from their homes. Then the unthinkable happened, those that slink around looking for opportunities that 99% of us never even think about - looting, stealing, robbing from those that are in serious peril. There were 6 units that were hit by thieves who rummaged through and took whatever they could get their grubby hands on. What goes on in the minds of others when they are taking full advantage of a local tragedy? The answer to that question is greed, No conscience whatsoever.

This morning on Facebook, the accusations continue towards those that MAY have been involved with the looting. With one person calling out another, saying that she has proof of a thief posting pictures of clothes that were stolen from that day back in August - clothes to be sold as a profit. Are we quick to assume that this is 100% accurate? Real proof? I'm just as wrong as the next person when I immediately jump to conclusions, after reading a post written with intentions of declaring someone else guilty BEFORE all the facts of both sides are presented. Someone pointed out perfectly on Bismarck's People Reporting News page, that posting such comments towards another, and displaying their full name can be harmful and destructive beyond belief. The best way to handle any situation is to present the police with whatever form of evidence you may have.

Most of us want to do what's right, to see justice served, to have those responsible for their cowardly looting acts punished. There is a simple saying in life that ALWAYS rings true - "What goes around comes around" 

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