Have you ever looked hard at your money? You take a twenty-dollar bill out to pay for gas or groceries, and you probably do it time after time without taking a quick second to LOOK at the bill. Usually, at most stores, the attendant at the cash register will quickly lift your twenty up, and look at both sides, then mark it with some kind of counterfeit pen - we take for granted our money is real.

Last Friday, Pembina, ND fake cash was discovered. We're not talking Monopoly money, VALLEY NEWS LIVE reported "along North Dakota’s border with Canada-U.S. Customs and Border Protection found a cargo on Friday of $3.6 million in counterfeit currency making its way through the Pembina Port of Entry, CBP said it initially targeted a commercial cargo on Wednesday that was described as toy guns. Later, officers reportedly discovered that the shipment had 36,000 counterfeit $100 bills along with nine toy guns"

Think about how much $3.6 million is, then go one step further and imagine the damage that can have done if that had made it into the United States - flowing through an already beat-up economy. Counterfeiting - illegal money when in circulation, increases, therefore increasing the unauthorized money supply and this raises the price level due to which inflation is caused. Pembina Area Port Director Jason Schmelz commented on just how important it is to have such sharp officers on the scene who are so committed to keeping our country safe from all threats. On such a historic day ( 9-11 ) the capture of such a huge amount of fake cash just solidified their ambition and drive to serve and protect.

The counterfeit money will be destroyed.


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