This was a special week for me, Wednesday was Veterans Day. A chance for all of us to show our thanks and support ( which to me should be every day of the year ). I found out today of a great event that is this Sunday - Cigars For Warriors Fundraiser from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the Drink at Lakewood. Prairie Patriot Firearms over at 3930 Memorial Hwy, Mandan. There are so many wonderful things about this event - The Entry Fee is $10 and includes a cigar and a lighter! There also will be a silent auction! All proceeds from this event go directly to Cigars for Warriors Cigar for Warriors Fundraiser.

I am a huge fan of our military and cigars - Check out this menu :

Crazy Alice -Flavors of chocolate, dark roast coffee, earth, dried fruit and hits of pepper! Pair with: Minion Gin

Sweet Jane - Medium to full body in strength, there is a signature sweetness to this cigar! Pair with: Disaronno


Fat Bottom Betty - Bold Medium-full body cigar with a rich, cream &  sweet tobacco flavor! Pair with: Shinerbock

M Bourbon - New flavorful twist nuances of bourbon cherry & bitters!
Pair with: Peanut Butter Old Fashioned

Gurkha Ghost - Mouthful of flavor that includes spice, earth, black pepper & cinnamon!

Pair with: Rasberry Chocolate Martini

                                       I can't think of a better day planned than this Sunday - smoking a cigar with good people and raising money for  Cigars For Warriors Fundraiser.

            Josette from Prairie Patriot Firearms you ROCK! For all who love our country and who have been now teased :) by the above cigar menu, we'll see you there -This Sunday - 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the Drink at Lakewood.

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