It's my understanding that sex can be a painful thing for women the very first time. Usually, though, the part of their body that gets hurt isn't their head.

According to The Huffington Post, 440-pound Gregg Casarona lost his virginity to his girlfriend, Jen Gerakaris, about eight years ago and ended up sending her to the hospital in the process.

You see, when you take a 440-pound man and have him thrust on top of a 110-pound woman, bad things are bound to happen. The force created by this massive amount of man managed to send Gerakaris head first through a sheet-rock wall.

While at first he had thought he had killed her, Casarona had only actually given Gerakaris a concussion...and a hilarious story to tell eight years later on the TLC show Sex Sent Me to the ER.

The show will premiere on TLC on December 28th. One has to assume that, much like the TV show Jackass, producers are going to have to put a "Don't Try This At Home" disclaimer before every episode.