Anything is possible, right? Even a super TV star somehow reading our minds out here in Bismarck, North Dakota

Ok, I realize that the title of this article was a lame attempt at being clever. There is a difference between a Medium and a Psychic  - I won't go one with a long list of technical stuff, but psychics claim they can foretell, whereas a medium says they can get a hold of the dead - spirits if you will. I want to somehow believe that Theresa Caputo read some minds here in Bismarck/Mandan, hoping that she would pay us a visit. If you were one of those that put those vibes out there, it worked.

The star of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium is coming to the Bismarck Event Center

How awesome is this going to be? She will be here on September 21st - Theresa Caputo The Experience LIVE! ( tickets go on sale this Friday at 11:oo am ) - According to "Theresa Caputo, star of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium, will share personal stories about her life and explain how her gift works. She will deliver healing messages to audience members and give people comfort knowing that their loved ones who passed are still with them, just in a different way" This show is not for everyone, of course, there are skeptics, but isn't that the case for everything? Theresa has definitely been around this kind of field for a while now, for over twenty years she has been helping others heal, to help them find closure, and in my mind, if it works then more power to her. Life is full enough of all the nonsense negativity. people are drawn to someone who radiates positivity.

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