As I showed you a few weeks ago with their episode on a woman addicted to sniffing and eating diapers, TLC's 'My Strange Addiction' is making me lose all faith in humanity. This episode is no different.

Nicole is from San Diego and she is addicted to 'pony play'. No, it isn't some sick fetish involving horses. Nicole just enjoys dressing up and acting like a pony. She evens goes so far as to purchase bits, saddles, and other horse-related items to help with her addiction.

Nicole claims that her addiction to 'pony play' allows her to "indulge in the pretend play that all of us came to know and love as a child."

No offense, Nicole, but I don't even think children would actually dress up like horses and venture into their corral to live out their fantasies.

I wish I could have found more of Nicole's episode on YouTube, but this will have to do:

Woman Addicted to Smelling and Eating Dirty Diapers [VIDEO]