The Trump boat parade continued recently, we had the first one back on August 22nd - right out on our Missouri river as hundred joined in while just as many people lined the shoreline. There were very few details about the inaugural one except the date, the time of the event, and what the parade was for. On a beautiful warm day, people were smiling out on the water, on the Memorial and Bismarck Expressway bridges, and just glad to be out and about showing their patriotism. All in all a very memorable day - a somewhat impromptu Facebook idea drew hundreds of supporters and some esteemed guests - Mayor Steve Bakken and Senator Kevin Cramer were there. The parade labeled "Trump 2020 Boat Run" had everything you could possibly ask for - The National Anthem played as boaters prepared to take off, great spirit, high energy - exactly what we need during times like these. Let's have another one!

Last Saturday North Dakota was treated to yet another "Trump Parade" at beautiful Lake Sakakawea, An almost identical response from the first one held two weeks ago. An estimated amount of over 800 boats were in the water back on August 22nd. This "Trump Boat Parade" event wasn't just here in North Dakota, There were many held around the country over the long Labor Day weekend. Most were held without any incidents, except for Austin, Texas. Saturday boats decorated in signs and flags drifted out on Lake Travis on a calm and spirited day - the problem being though that the large boats produced larger waves, which resulted in five boats to SINK. One of the survivors told a CNN AFFILIATE  "It was like an ocean out there. I'm surprised I survived it. We didn't make it all the way around the parade, because it was just too much, The boats were mainly just teeter-tot-erring. A lot of them took on water by the nose. After that it was over, especially for the smaller boats."

The good news, no one was injured, sure their boats were sunk but their pride was still very much on high ground! Check out more on this by clicking here


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