This was such a fun event last year

Held at Century High School last year, a huge success for vendors and car lovers from all over. This is your chance to be with us again and bring your whole family, oh and don't forget your ride! Yes, we are calling on you to bring your specialty car or truck to the “Celebrate My Ride” car show this Saturday. If you don’t have your ride ready or just don’t have one, bring your family and friends to check it out. This specialty car and truck show is free to the public and free to exhibit. And this station will be on-site broadcasting live.

WHEN: Saturday, July 30th - 10:00 am

WHERE: Legacy High School ( East Parking Lot )

*** Food Vendors/Door Prizes/Charity Raffle

***Free-Will Donations Will Benefit Heaven's Helpers Soup Kitchen/Special Olympics Of ND Bismarck, And The CHS Leadership Class


Here are 5 Reasons WHY You Need To Be At 'Celebrate My Ride 2022'

1) At 10:00, listen to local star, Savanah Benz, sing our national anthem and more.

2) See the famous General Lee ’69 Dodge Charger on display.

3) All 6 generations of Chevy Camaros will be grouped and represented.

4) Watch the Bismarck Police Department’s K-9 demonstration.

5) Check out the Bismarck Fire Department’s car crash extraction demonstration.

AND make sure you come hungry. We will have Al’s Eatery, Cash Wise Foods, Kettle Korn, and the Ice Cream Truck for you to satisfy your appetite.

***** Huge thanks to our sponsors:

Tommy's Car Wash/Northwest Tire/Case Wise Foods/Puklich Chevrolet/Sky Zone and Northwest Contracting. 

We'll See You There This Saturday!

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