The world of sports, the HUGE assortment of athletes present and past. I have a list I put together that will cause some approval, and definite "No Way" comments. From the world of golf, where Tiger Woods staged an unbelievable career comeback from injury to the "Green Jacket". We all felt like we got punched in the stomach on January 26th of this year, when the shocking news of Kobe Bryant losing his life in a helicopter crash. Kobe was a leader on the court and many believe he was one of the best ever. Derek Jeter has proven what a classy individual he is, by foregoing his $5 million dollar salary as CEO of the Miami Marlins, so others can get paid. Muhammed Ali is my all-time favorite. He was a cat in the ring, he danced and darted, clowned in the ring and off, his charisma and charm were untouched. Doug Flutie was....umm, Doug Flutie. Anyone who disagrees with Michael Phelps being on this list, try and physically pick up ALL his Olympic medals. So please, take a couple of seconds, agree or disagree!

Fox's Top Ten Athletes.