When you think of the movie "Rocky", do you think of an underdog? Does it bring you memories of an inspirational character? I think of someone, who chases after an almost impossible feat. The movie came out back in November of 1976. A low budget flick starring a virtual unknown Sylvester Stallone. The story consisted of a struggling boxer living in a rundown part of town, in Philadelphia. What STILL gets me, after what seems like a trillion times I've seen the movie, is his fight against all odds. That's what is most appealing to all of us, a true lesson in life, to never give up.

The beautiful thing to me, is that at the Oscar's that year, "Rocky" was again in way over it's head, going against heavy hitter movies for the best picture of the year. The irony once again played out, as the award went to the lefty from Philly. Here is one of the golden tidbits that most movie buffs are unaware of, Sly wrote the movie based on a real life scruffy, tattered brawler-Chuck Wepner. We all have this man to thank for an ordinary fight back March 24,1975. Check out more on this, by clicking here.

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